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Thousands of diners search the internet each day looking for restaurant information. Sometimes they’re tourists searching for a restaurant in a particular area by type of cuisine. Sometimes they’re locals who have never tried your offerings or they may even be familiar with your establishment but want to check location, hours of operation, special menu items or what credit cards you take. is listed on the first page of search results on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many others. This is simply the most effective (and least expensive) way to significantly increase traffic to your establishment! The sheer volume of targeted traffic you'll be exposed to on the first page of the major search engines -- at a fraction of the cost -- is staggering.

Take advantage of first page search engine exposure and the traffic it generates to greatly increase your revenue through Missouri's number one dining and entertainment locator web site --

By posting menus, photo galleries, eCommercials, virtual tours, maps, credit card information, hours of operation, and special events, etc., on, you will see greatly increased traffic and revenue as well as time and money savings.

Features & Benefits:

Allows patrons find your establishment from any number of detailed search criteria simply and conveniently

Serves as your web site for a fraction of the cost of hosting one yourself

Can greatly expand the number of patrons you reach through your current site by providing a highly-marketed, high-volume portal

Alleviates your staff from the time-consuming task of answering questions about menu items, giving directions and credit card information, etc.

Makes banquet planning discussions with customers much simpler

Makes assessment of your advertising investment easy to track by providing detailed reports of visitor traffic.

View our media kit for more in-depth information about our services, how they benefit your business and what your return on investment (ROI) can be.

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Put to work for you. Sign up today or contact us for further information on how we can increase revenue and save your staff time and energy. We can get your information posted in just a few days and you will immediately see results.

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